This is one of serval high vibrational art pieces to inspire change within the hearts of all. This piece is titled "Intuitive Voice" for it reflects the power of our intuition and true voice within our hearts. This piece will fill your heart and home with love that will inspire you for years to come. If you've been feeling like you need some extra loving intuition, this is the piece for you! It is infused with Reiki and light language healing for the highest good of all!


This amazing art piece is printed on metallic paper to bring your artwork to life. The metallic paper adds unique multidimensionality to your art piece, giving it depth and a unique flair of inspiration. 


More inspiration on this series:

The Earth Element series is an expression of positive change. The series was inspired by angelic wisdom through a life change Kaylee went through. This change is of healing love for the earth and one of inner healing. Through Kaylee's journey, she realized that by changing her mind she could change her life for the positive. Additionally, she has begun to infuse her art with the higher vibrations of healing love. 


The title for every art piece in the Earth Element series is a reflection of energy centers in the human body. Kaylee is often found saying, "What is in us, is around us. We are the world we create. I hope to inspire a better one for all life."

Intuitive Voice, The Earth Element



    ©2021 by Kaylee Prebeck Photography


    OR, USA