The Earth Element Series

Artist Statement

While I am out taking photos of earth’s beauty, I also take photos of trash, waste, and air pollution. I turn the negative photos into positive abstract images. This is an expression of how we can change what we have created. This series is titled “The Earth Element”, created from textures of waste and transformed into high vibrational art, stretching the boundaries of my photography. Inspired through meditation, each image in the series is also an expression of the soul. This expresses what’s within us all. We have the ability to create a better world. What is in us, is around us. We are the world we create. I hope to inspire the creation of a better one, for all life!

Looking Back - Wing Mirror Series

Artist Statement

Driving down the line and looking back. It's not enough to just see, we have to look as well.


As I travel and explore, I have been working on a “Looking back” photo series that captures life through the wing mirror of my car. This series is a representation of my free-spirited journeys through life, but more importantly, it is the vision, the reflection, and the "looking back" at the beauty that is all around us. The vision captures our dissociation from Mother Earth, for destruction comes from thinking we are greater than the earth we live on. The reflection is the awareness that we need to respect what we have more fully. What’s around us is just that - a reflection of what we just passed in the moment before. The car represents the invisible destruction of our carbon footprint. With my “Looking back” series, I aim to open eyes to the importance of living in the moment and our affinity with nature, for we are part of a whole, like a branch on a tree. 


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