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 Kaylee Prebeck has a keen eye for capturing details. She loves capturing the soul of life in the moment, taking the viewer on an imaginative journey through her photography. Kaylee has a strong passion for art in all its forms and describes art as her continued mission to open minds to the world around us.

Kaylee grew up in Minnesota, the land of lakes. As a small child, she recalls playing with an old camera that didn't work. She remembers even then thinking she would like to be an artist when she grew up. 

During art school, Kaylee’s portfolio teacher took extra time to work with her, teaching her how to really see an image and express herself through surrealism. After college, Kaylee moved to California and her passion for photography grew into a grounding art form. Expanding on her adventures and art, she listened to a calling, and she now works at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon.

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